Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Being a Cadet Leader makes a massive difference to the local community

Dan Bell, Cadet Leader

As a volunteer Cadet Leader for Thames Valley Police I organise and assist with the running of the Bracknell and Wokingham Police Cadet Unit.

The role involves me attending meetings to discuss with other leaders a programme of activities for the coming term with specific roles assigned to me and specific evenings I need to organise.
We have a ‘lead’ staff member for each evening, when I’m the ‘lead’ staff member the running of the evening becomes my responsibility with other staff members assisting me. I’m also one of the SPOC’s for Drill, the Team Leaders and The Honest Truth training. As a SPOC I tend to take the lead on each of these areas and their development within the unit.

I really enjoy watching the Cadets progress in their roles, seeing the amount of confidence they have now compared to when the unit first started is amazing; it’s incredible to think I played a part in that. I also particularly enjoy the community engagement and supporting the community through activities.

I’ve been volunteering in this role since about June 2014 which is when I had my interview for the role, it’s been ongoing since then. I volunteer in a number of organisations, not just Thames Valley Police, however, I particularly like volunteering as a Cadet Leader because it makes a massive difference to the local community through the events we attend, the advice we give out to people and the money we raise for charity not to mention the difference we make to the lives of the Cadets that attend the unit.

Do you think you could give up some of your time to being a Cadet Leader?
Have a look at our website to see our current vacancies.

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