Thursday, 9 June 2016

Acting it out for Thames Valley Police

George Harper, TVP volunteer for 6 & a half years

My primary role is at Aylesbury police station where I assist in administering the Pubwatch scheme in the town. 

Every month I attend the Committee meeting of the Pubwatch members, representing the licensed premises in the town, along with TVP staff and officers. Following this meeting I assist the scheme by writing the minutes of the monthly meetings, writing letters to Pubwatch banned persons, updating the Pubwatch website and whatever else needs doing.

Since I started as a volunteer I have also participated in role play assisting with the training of new police officers. I have taken part in the training of firearms officers which has involved me being shot, taken hostage, and dragged across the floor of a disused shopping mall.

In recent years I have assisted Winslow Neighbourhood office in administering Speedwatch.  This involves occasionally assisting with producing warning letters to speeding drivers recorded by Speedwatch volunteers in local villages.  I also on behalf of TVP, train volunteers in local villages how establish a Speedwatch team in their locality, and how to operate the Speedwatch equipment.

During my working life I was a Chartered Engineer involved in major electrical power projects worldwide.  Since retiring I have very much enjoyed my volunteering with TVP and the very varied roles in which I am involved. It is good to learn new skills and I very much like meeting new people, both within and outside of TVP, that my various roles bring me in contact with. I have been a volunteer with TVP for six and a half years.

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